omar sequera




Blockchain Evangelist into #startups #Salesforce & overall #tech.


Humanist. UBI Believer and speaker. Cofounder @calibre_360, @education_NGO and @360Blocks.


“Blockchain Strategy” certified by the University of Oxford, Omar focuses on consulting for Startups on digital processes, automation, business processes and Salesforce. With a background in Marketing, his vision revolves around the automation of processes, smart contracts, the integration of different technologies, and the overall principle that Blockchain can bring the world forward. Particularly interested in non-financial use cases.


ICOs Omar has been involved with:

Focused on Blockchain Strategies, at 360 Blocks (our new BC consultancy) we apply #Blockchain to use cases where it really makes sense. Running away from just using “the buzzword”. We’re in the process of launching our first ICO. We’re in charge of the blockchain strategy at Ownly, a new C2C e-commerce which does things differently. More soon.