coin governance system

Safer and more attractive ICOs

The Coin Governance System (CGS) is an on-chain insurance mechanism to protect ICO investors from scams and bad practices.

The CGS will make an ICO more secure: it holds the raised funds in an escrow smart contract and releases it gradually to the entrepreneur. If at one point investors aren’t satisfied by how the company is managing the funds, they can submit a claim to the CGS that will be handled by a decentralized third party: the community of CGS arbiters.

Why implement the CGS?

commercialize ICO


The CGS is a sign of trust towards ICO investors and therefore becomes a strong marketing tool.

marketing ico


By implementing the CGS, you will be able to increase the appeal of your ICO since the project will be more transparent and trustworthy.

attract ico investors


An ICO with CGS automatically gains extra visibility since it’s introduced and visible among our community.

They’ve already implemented CGS


“SportVEST is committed to providing its Token-Holders with good governance and the highest level of protection. Our Partnership with CGS provides that extra level of protection giving Token-Holders additional security, transparency and piece of mind.”


Ben Godfrey,  Founder of SportVEST.

Yuro Foundation ICO

“At the moment, token buyers have no control over the management of the raised funds once an ICO is completed. The Yuro foundation feels the implementation of the CGS system for our ICO will boost investor confidence and offer them assurance that the Yuro Foundation is a legitimate entity and not a scam as many ICOs these days are.”


Shalom Osiadi, COO of Yuro Foundation

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Do you want to make your ICO more appealing?

How to deploy the CGS?

tap rate ico

1. Configure & Set Tap Rate

First you have to provide information about your token and set the tap rate, which is the amount of Ether that your project will receive periodically.

integrate smart contract

2. Integrate CGS with your ICO smart contract

The funds collected in your ICO will be protected by the CGS, therefore, you need to integrate the CGS with your ICO smart contract. It's only 1 line of code!

deploy smart contract

3. Ready, set, go!

Start raising funds for your project and let the CGS do the rest once the ICO is over.

How does the CGS work once the ICO is over?

Once the ICO has finished, the CGS is fully operational. If at one point ICO investors are unsatisfied by the progress of the project, they can submit a claim by depositing ICO tokens to the CGS. If the claim receives enough support from investors, it will be handled by a community of Arbiters.


There are two possible outcomes:

Scenario A

Arbiters agree with the ICO launcher

If the majority of Arbiters voted in favor of the ICO launcher, they believe the claim is not grounded. In this case, everything goes back to normal and the ICO launcher receives 1% of the tokens that were deposited by the ICO investors to open the claim.

Scenario B

Arbiters believe the claim is rightful

If the majority of arbiters believe the claim is grounded, the smart contract goes into a temporary withdraw mode, and all unhappy ICO investors can send back their tokens and recover the proportional remaining ETH. After this, the CGS continues to release ETH to the launcher as before.

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